Easy Digital Negatives 2nd edition
Historical and Alternative Photography




What will we learn?
Basic workflow .

Introduction to transparent digital negatives
About the negatives
Transparent digital negatives
What do we need?
About the basic conditions

Basic operations
Scanning samples
Photographing samples
Color corrections with color cards
Using spectrophotometers
Preparing a photo for EDN
Coating quality
Standard printing time
The basic printer settings
Changing the printing density
Nozzle check
A brief theory of printing
Getting to know our printer
Horizontal banding
Basic color concepts
Setting up Adobe Photoshop

Finding the bright tones
Printing the first negative
Stains due to solutions
Changing the print density
About the color blocker
About ColorBlocker program
Manually search for the color
Changing the exposure time

Making corrections
The problem of mid-tones
Manual normalization
Reading color values manually
Making manual corrections
The average negative
Easy Digital Negatives overview
Making corrections with EDN
Applying corrections
Adding a correction curve
Adding a gradient map
Adding a LUT correction

Correction of corrections
There are no perfect negatives
About corrections data
Automatic correction
Correction with layers
Manual correction
Corrections in the LUT 1D file

Creating a preview file
Tonal values
Creating a print preview layer
Using a mapped layer

Color negatives
About colors and color negatives
Four-color CMYK negatives
Tricolor RGB negatives
Tricolor CMY separation
Two-tone negatives

Making transparent paper negatives
Making paper negatives



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