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EDN Color Blocker Script (2019)

(ZIP) EDN Color
EDN is a Photoshop Script that automatically detects the optimal color for producing optimum transparent negatives in a few seconds (for photographic techniques with a small dynamic color range – cyanotyping, gum, carbon print …), and also locates the color that strongly blocks light (in the case where we want to achieve the maximum DMax).
HSB Grid v2.tif
36 HSB detail grids (39MB!!!)
When you get the optimum (maximum) HSB value, you can print a more precise grid, for example HSB-GRID-340-EDN.tif.

EDN v.1.1 – Easy Digital Negatives (2018)

(ZIP) Easy Digital Negatives Script v.1.1
What’s new in Easy Digital Negatives (EDN) v.1.1.

  1. I edited the EDN GUI, which was no longer working due to changes in Photoshop 2019.
  2. With the “Apply Correction” checked option, the program no longer uses the so-called 5% safe zone. White and black tones are now in “real” places.
  3. In the event that PhotoShop creates a non-background image (Layer0), the error message is displayed.
  4. I made new grayscale images, this time in RGB.


EDN v.1 – Easy Digital Negatives

   (ZIP) Easy Digital Negatives Script & Manual
101 step grayscale wedge
   21 step grayscale wedge
   HSB Grid
 HSB Grid v2


   Standard exposure time
   Average cyanotype curve
   Average Salt Print curve
   Average Van Dyke Brown curve
   Pinhole Exposure Disc
   Paper Negative Exposure Disk